Botanical Garden (previously a Zoo)


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Mary slessor avenue by Asita street, Calabar, Cross River State


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About Botanical Garden (previously a Zoo)

Transformed from a zoo to a quiet park for sitting out with your friends over some local suya, a popular roasted beef snack, and assorted array of drinks and beverages to select from, the Botanical Garden stays true to its name by leaving the many trees and plants intact standing tall above green lawns. Stages have been built where you can be treated to music from live performing artists that serenade you while eating your chosen local dish.

Many like to come here in the late evenings to wind down from the day\'s work, but if you are looking for a natural environment where you can come even on sunny days to hear your own thoughts, this is one such place.

Located off the popular Mary Slessor Avenue, simply tell your cab driver to take you to \"Botanical Garden\" and you are sure to be taken to the right place.


PostBy: Guest
Date: Aug 03, 2014 19:08:02
Nice spot

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