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Close to Calabar teaching Hospital, Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria


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About Marina Resort Calabar

The Marina Resort while you walk along its promenades, after a visit to the slave musuem within the resort, you can almost feel the awe and fear that gripped the slaves just before they were carried aboard the slave ships, knowing that they would never see their homes again.

This Resort is steeped in a significant piece of slave trade history. It was the final loading point of slaves unto slave ships that waited out in the sea.

Within the Marina you can find the following:

1. Slave Museum
2. A Carousel
3. Various relaxation spots where u can have drinks
4. A Cinema

Also, Kids having fun with their roller blades attest to the neatness of the paved walkways and roads in this resort.

The slave museum is the most important historical attraction within the Marina with records dating between the 16th and 20th century. The Slave Museum has the following:

1. History of Slave trade including the trade facilitators
2. Slave trade statistics
3. Slave equipment
4. Abolitionist details and
5. Stories on the culture of the people of Cross river

There are a few artworks for sale here. For an entry fee of N200 (N100 into the Marina resort and another N100 into the Slave museum) or less than US$2 you get to see a rich repetoire of slade trade era history plus  simulations of sounds and sights of the time. Least I forget the beautiful scenery the ocean presents you can actually watch the sun set.


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