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Maitama District, very close to the Transcorp Hilton Hotel. Most Taxi drivers know how to get here


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About Millenium Park Abuja

According to Wikipedia it is the largest public park in Abuja and was inaugurated by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom on the 4th of December 2003. Well of all the parks we visited in Abuja it is the largest.

This park of diverse species of colourful trees, plants and shrubs served on rolling lawns is situated in the heart of the city. Depending on where you stand you get to see the Nigerian Supreme Court, Aso Rock and it is about 10minutes walk from Transcorp Hilton hotel. There\'s a fountain within the park that flows down marble tiles

into nearby streams. There is a playground for children with swings, slides and climbing frames.

In addition, the Millenium park can be used for family picnic, and there is enough space whether you choose to be

in the full glare of everyone or you want a private corner for yourselves, also if you are interested in Nature either as a hobby or for research purpose this just might be one park you will want to visit. To read more check the following link


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Date: Aug 14, 2014 23:08:44

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