City Of London Black Taxis

It is available 24hours a day 7days a week, including publics holidays. They have GPS despatch. They are wheelchair-friendly taxis. One can also hire them as wedding cars or guided tour, for more information visit their website http://www.cityoflondonblacktaxis.co.uk/ or give them a call on 0207 736 9958

Glasgow Taxis

Used one of these a number of times while in glasgow. Whenever I take a ride in them I feel like a royal, though a ride in them is more expensive compared to regular cabs especially as the fare meter starts running immediately you open the door.

It is available 24hours a day 7days a week, including publics holidays ... Read more

Green Taxis Abuja

A car painted in the Nigerian National colour advanced in my direction. Since I had earlier been informed about it, I flagged down this taxi painted in green and white strips (the colours of the Nigerian flag). As soon as I hopped in, the driver courteously asked me to fasten the safety belt. That was the beginning of a pleasurable ride round some parts of Abuja.

Metro Taxi, Lagos

I was standing by the roadside when a beautifully painted taxi sped past me. It was one of the metro taxis which have been operating in Lagos for some time now. With a little more inquiry, I learnt about the professionalism, integrity and responsiveness of the company (Metro Taxi Limited) that put these taxis on the roads.<... Read more

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