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Abuja Shopping Centre

Available at this shopping complex are the following:

1. Pharmacy, Bridge Stone Tyre Service Centre
2. Hitv, Dstv and sat shop
3. Beauty Salon
4. Boutique, Cybercafe

Accra Mall

When I inquired about a big shopping mall in Accra, Ghana where I could get anything I wanted, I did not have to ask twice. Because I was in Ghana there was only one answer – the Accra Mall. This mall happened to be the first world-class shopping centre in Ghana.

As a one-stop shopping centre, it offers a uniq... Read more

Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall (AOS Mall) Lagos

The Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping mall which is located in the heart of Surulere is wide and spacious; a shopping mall that provides shoppers with access to different shops trading in various products ranging from children’s toys and clothing to pharmacies, groceries, electronics, household equipment, and financial serv... Read more

Bullring Shopping Centre

Words are not enough to describe the magnetic pull that drew me to Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham. I boarded a coach from Glasgow to London and Birmingham was the changeover point, since I had a few spare hours before departure, I decided to go for a walk and look around the city especially as this was my first trip... Read more

Ceddi Plaza Abuja

When we got to Ceddi Plaza around noon, my first port of call was the bookstore. As I was browsing through the many tempting collections displayed at the store, my female friends were busy window-shopping as they walked round the fashion boutiques and home interior design stores. Shortly thereafter we met at the restaurant ... Read more

Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II

It took me a visit to Galleria Vittorio to understand why many shopping malls and arcades in other parts of the world are called galleria. Named after the first king of United Italy, Galleria Vittorio is formed by two glass-vaulted arcades intersecting in an octagon which is topped with a glass dome. Below this dome is the ... Read more

Mall Of The Emirates

With over 500 shops, and the remarkable Ski Dubai slope under its \"roof\", the Mall of Emirates is a shopper\'s delight. Located at an interchange where roads from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Jumeirah meet, this shopper\'s haven is sure to fill your eyes with lots of things to see and buy. With its direct access approach Read more

Seravalle Designer Outlet, Italy

At the very point of entry, a discount card was offered to me. With that card in my hand, I entered the shopping mall, walked past the water fountain at the centre of the mall to the different shops situated in segmented buildings.

I shopped and shopped and shopped because there were so many things to buy from the n... Read more

The Palms Shopping Mall

I was told this is one very busy shopping mall especially on weekends and public holidays but on this particular Saturday morning we didn’t have to scramble for space in the parking lot as there was enough space that could comfortably take about 1000 cars. We were at the Palms Shopping Mall, the largest and the first ... Read more

Via Montenapoleone, Milan, Italy

I had always been confident about the beauty of my wardrobe, but after a visit to Via Montenapoleone I began to have a second thought. In this elegant fashion street of Milan, I saw many world-famous designers’ shops – Armani, Berluti, D & G, Diesel, Dior – just to mention a few. If you have not been h... Read more

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