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Agbokim Waterfalls

The Agbokim Waterfalls is located some 17km from Ikom. It is about 315km from Calabar. It is actually on the Cross River where it descends in terraces through the tropical rainforest and is not far from the Nigeria-Cameroon border.

With just one visit, the sight of the Agbokim Waterfalls has left a permanent impress... Read more

Amsterdam Canal Cruise

My name may not ring a bell but I have done what great men and women like (Queen Elisabeth Stuart of Bohemia, Wiston Churchill, the Beatles and Nelson Mandela) once did.

When I went to Amsterdam, I found myself on board a canal cruise boat as I took a tour of the city. I was happy to see a couple of histor... Read more

Art & Craft Village, Abuja

With the Sheraton Hotel as a backdrop the Art and Craft Village, Abuja presents you the oppurtunity to see and buy some of Nigeria\\\'s arts and crafts that represent the country\\\'s culture.

The shops are thatch-roofed huts with walls made from red earth (clay). From little sculpted \\\'warrior and horse\\\' statu... Read more

Aso Rock Abuja

Rock climbing while in Nigeria? The Aso Rock is quite accessible and safe, as it is located within Nieria\\\'s Federal Capital Territory (Abuja). This rock with relatively smooth sides seems to provide a sort of guardian image to the National Children\\\'s Zoo located at its base. From its summit you get to see all around t... Read more

Atomium Brussels

When John Dalton propounded the Atomic Theory many years ago, he could hardly have imagined the possibility of a spectacular spot like the Atomium in Brussels. At the Atomium, the atom was made larger than life in such a way that people could stand, walk or even sit in an atom made of steel spheres to have a meal.

A... Read more

Badagry Slave Relics Museum, Badagry, Lagos

Badagry is on the south-western edge of Nigeria. Though it is part of the \\\"commercial capital\\\" of Nigeria, Lagos State, it remains a sense of serenity away from the bostling, and rather chaotic urbanisation that envelops the main city centres.

Off the route to Nigeria\\\'s major trading border town, Seme, it h... Read more

Botanical Garden (previously A Zoo)

Transformed from a zoo to a quiet park for sitting out with your friends over some local suya, a popular roasted beef snack, and assorted array of drinks and beverages to select from, the Botanical Garden stays true to its name by leaving the many trees and plants intact standing tall above green lawns. Stages have been buil... Read more

Calabar Drill Ranch

Drills are found only in Cross River State in Nigeria, South Western Cameroon and on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea.

Calabar Drill Ranch is a Drill Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre. It is an NGO that aims to preserve a very endangered African primate, the Drill. It also serves as an orphanage for chimpanzees... Read more

Cape Coast Castle Ghana

I was not there when it all began. But I can imagine how this small trading lodge was gradually enlarged until it finally became a fortification. I can imagine how it changed tenancy over time starting with the Dutch to the Swedes and various European powers until 1664 when it was captured by the British and renamed Cape Co... Read more

Cleethorpes, Grimsby

We sat at the mouth of the sea but we were not scared because the beach was well protected by Cleethorpes Rescue. Rather, we were delighted by what we saw at this sea front which provides views of shipping traffic entering and leaving the Humber for other ports. Apart from two large fortifications (the Humber Forts) which w... Read more

Cyprian Ekwensi Centre For Arts And Culture Abuja

When I visited this centre for arts and culture, I longed to see lots and lots of artworks but I guess I went there at a wrong time as there was only one art shop in the building, a museum without which the whole building would have been completely empty. As I browsed through the few artworks available, I was consoled by th... Read more

Escher Place (Museum), South Holland, Netherlands

I did not have to be told that a busy mind was behind the great art works that stood in front of me on that ground floor. But more were to come my way on the first floor apart from the fascinating Escher slide show. My aesthetic delight was raised to a higher notch with the special animation of art works with sounds, comput... Read more

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