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The Peace Park is but one of the several places in this heart charming state where one can relax.

Piazza Del Duomo (Cathedral Square), Milan

It is at this square you find the Duomo Cathedral, Royal Palace and Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II; and within a walking distance from the Piazza you see several other structures like the twin buildings of Arengario, Palazza dla Ragione and the Biblioteca Ambrosiana which boasts one of the great repositories of European cul... Read more

Royal Falls & Resort Garden

Another privately managed park it is a recreation and events park. You can hire the place for events such as weddings or parties. It has a small lake, Children play ground and in the evenings people go to have a drink at an affordable price, socialise and listen to good music.

Silverbird Cinema Abuja

What you watch matters a lot. But where and how you watch it even matters a lot more! If you think that this is a mere personal opinion then you need to see what I have seen.

Take a trip to Silverbird Cinema Abuja and watch a movie at the 12-screen cinema. To add to your comfort, you can opt for a VIP suite by calli... Read more

The Cathedral Duomo (Duomo Di Milano)

As I stood motionless in front of the edifice, I came to understand why Milan Cathedral took some six hundred years to complete. Another tourist standing beside me did not hesitate to boast that the Cathedral is the largest in Italy and the fourth largest in the world. Together with other tourists, I was allowed to go to th... Read more

The Hall Marina, Hall

The first weekend in March took me to the Hall Marina in England. Even though the weather was still cold, there was no need for a winter jacket; the sweater I wore did the job. This was an ocean front but I felt otherwise because I saw various boats going round. I learnt that there is usually a boat race during the summer m... Read more

The Scheveningen Pier, South Holland, Netherlands

It was quite a challenge walking on the long sandy beach after first enjoying an easy stroll on the esplanade. We were at Scheveningen and our main target was to walk on water. No, our feet didn’t have to touch the water; thanks to the 300m-long Pier which afforded us a wonderful view of the Sea.

As we walked ... Read more

Tinapa Business & Leisure Resort, Calabar, Cross River

This is one resort that was built to world class standard but has not generated the scale of buzz it was built to raise. This is supposed to be a major shopping hub complemented by funparks and resorts. You\\\'ll can also visit this place as an investor looking for what could be the next big thing for shoppers. The place ha... Read more

Unique World Park

Found in Zone 5, one of the zones into which the Federal Capital is divided, Unique World is a privately managed garden with lawns, walkways, and trees to provide a natural shade for the garden. Although the garden could still have some improvement, the sign at the gate tells you clearly that the local dishes prepared in th... Read more

Universal Studios

As I stood in the vicinity of the two-pronged video (it is both a video and a theme park), I tried to guess the names of several popular movies that may have been shot there. My little research revealed that Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the oldest and most famous Hollywood movie studios still in use. No wonder it i... Read more

Wakiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii

I have seen many beaches but Wakiki Beach stands out with a difference. The name alone sounds like the rhythmic beats of a drum. It is not surprising then that, like a good drum, this popular beach draws a lot of people to itself. I gladly fell victim to its charm when I visited Honolulu. I was thrilled to see people learni... Read more

White House

A strange feeling came over me to stand in the vicinity of the White House in Washington D.C. It was thrilling to learn that total strangers, tourists, could actually make reservations in advance and get to see seven of the rooms of the White House, the official residence of the president of the United States of America. I ... Read more

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