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Lekki Conservation Centre

Having walked for about twenty five minutes nonstop, we took a break to rest on some of the chairs available in that forest. No, this was no wild forest that nobody cared about. We were at Lekki Conservation Centre, the only protected reserve in Lagos. The animals that exist here are giant pangolin, Muna monkey, bush buck, m... Read more

Madurodam, South Holland, Netherlands

Madurodam the smallest city in Netherlands It didn’t take us a long time to go round this miniature park which is a model of Netherland. Its structures represent actual structures and landmarks found around the country as every structure here is 25 times smaller than the original. We were able to see typical Dutch bui... Read more

Marina Resort Calabar

The Marina Resort while you walk along its promenades, after a visit to the slave musuem within the resort, you can almost feel the awe and fear that gripped the slaves just before they were carried aboard the slave ships, knowing that they would never see their homes again.

This Resort is steeped in a significan... Read more

Military Hospital Washington

I was at the historical Walter Reed Army Medical Centre, not as a patient, but as an admirer of some of its approximately 5500 rooms covering more than 28 acres of floor space.

As I walked away from the medical centre, a little of its history was already etched on my memory. The most impressive of all was about the ... Read more

Millenium Park Abuja

According to Wikipedia it is the largest public park in Abuja and was inaugurated by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom on the 4th of December 2003. Well of all the parks we visited in Abuja it is the largest.

This park of diverse species of colourful trees, plants and shrubs served on rolling lawn... Read more

National Children Zoo Abuja

This is one quiet zoo, the National Children’s Zoo, Abuja, and no, there is no lion in there. The zoo, more like a garden, presents a quiet environment with its quiet animals and birds grazing quietly within different enclosures. You\\\'ll get to see ostriches, a camel, some farm animals, little crocodiles, and a gira... Read more

National Museum Calabar

National commission for museum and monuments (National Museum Calabar). The Calabar museum building was prefabricated in Britain and erected in Calabar for early British Administration. 

The building and its compound was made a national monument in 1959. Available at this museum are the following:

1. Ea... Read more

Navatek 1 Sun Set Dinner Cruise, Honolulu

The memories of that evening are still with me: the evening I went aboard the state-of-the-art Navatek 1 for a cruise. It was a historic cruise that gave me the privilege to explore the majestic coastal waters surrounding Wakiki and Honolulu. We even got past the famous Diamond Head and saw the hidden shores of Kahala. It w... Read more

Niagara Falls

A friend once told me of his experience when he visited Niagara fall. According to his words “My jaw almost fell off when I beheld the awesomeness of the Niagara Falls. I was mesmerised by the beauty and the force with which tons of water rapidly descend from a great vertical height of over fifty metres into the Niaga... Read more

Nottingham Castle

After taking a stroll for about ten minutes from the city centre, we got to Nottingham Castle, a vibrant museum and art gallery, housing a vast collection of silver, glass, decorative items, visual arts, paintings and Nottingham archeology and history. My eyes were well fed with the beautiful paintings and other collections... Read more

Obudu Cattle Ranch And Resort, Cross River

The Obudu Marathon which usually holds in November of every year is steadily gaining some popularity in the world of athletics, probably because of the huge price money attached to it, but the ranch that bears the same name could be one of Nigeria\'s best kept secrets. 

With rolling evergreen hills that can pro... Read more

Omu Resort, Lagos

Omu Resort is based on a concept that aims to provide a total-package family recreational centre. This is a vast area which is undergoing development in phases. In its current stage it has within its environment rides suitable for both children and adults. There are also a miniature golf course, an aquarium (called Seaworld... Read more

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