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Fingers Park

Is a sculptural piece depicting two large hands-just the wrist and fingers, mounted on the lawn. Anyone posing for a snapshot there looks miniature between

the hands. It can also be used for picnic for families or a group.

Freedom Park Lagos

The location of FREEDOM PARK Lagos, used to be the same location of the Broad Street Prison; a prison facility used in colonial times.

Freedom Park is a Memorial and Leisure Park dedicated to the preserving some of Nigeria\'s colonial heritage. It also provides a place for personal relaxation, family outing, and even... Read more

Germaine’s Luau, Honolulu

When we thought of spending quality time away on our honeymoon one of the places we put down on our to-do list was Germaine’s Luau. I heard so much about it so, decided to visit. I loved the rich cultural heritage of the Pacific Islands and we had a great time watching the spectacular show delivered at the ocean&rsquo... Read more

GET Arena

G.E.T. Arena has something for everyone as you can do any of the following:

Watch Live premier league Matches, games arcade for kids, go-kart for the family and various groups, fine Dining, Mixed crowd lounge and Night club/bar.

It is very close to two International class hotels (Oriental and Four point by ... Read more

Hanauma Bay, Hawaii, USA

Thank God it was not a Tuesday, the only day the Park is shut to visitors. The parking lot was full, a frequent experience at mid-morning. How I wished we had got there early! We almost missed the educational video normally shown to visitors before entering the park. Since we were not locals, we had to pay a small fee for t... Read more

Honolulu Zoo, Hawaii

The fascinating history of this zoo is enough to create a burning desire in a potential visitor. I was told that it is the only zoo in the United States originating from a king’s grant of royal lands to his people. Starting out as a marshy parcel of fishponds, lagoons and islands where the king (Kalakaua) maintained h... Read more

House Of Parliament, Den Haag, Netherlands

A brief visit to The Hague in the Netherlands took me to the palace of the States General where the House of Parliament is situated. It was quite enlightening to know that several places named “Staten Island” actually got their name from the name of this parliament.

Jabi Lake Abuja

Still and undisturbed, this quiet body of water is an artificial lake that is a compliment to the adjacent park that\\\'s planted with dwarf palm trees and robust mango trees. Paved walk ways help to keep trekkers off the lawns which under the shades of the trees offer calm grounds that can be used for family picnics, parti... Read more

Kakum National Park Ghana

I am not so much vertically endowed but I did not have to envy a giant when I visited Kakum National Park. I found myself reaching out at a height of 40m reaching out to touch the leaves of trees and feel the skin of some animals with my eager fingers.

The “chat” with these forest trees and creatures con... Read more

King Kamehameha V – Judiciary History Centre, Honolulu

I could only pay apt attention as our guide took us through the history of the Centre. This Centre founded in 1989 is located in the beautiful and historic Ali’iolani Hale, the home of Hawaii’s Supreme Court since 1874. 

Using audio-visual presentations, exhibitions and public programmes, the Centre... Read more

Kwa Fall Cross River State

Site for Miss World 2002 photo shoot. This river system flows in a westerly direction to join the Great Kwa River east of Calabar which later empties into the Cross River estuary. Located at the fringes of the Cross River National Park and IBAD Oil Palm estate, Kwa Falls covers the closest access to tropical rainforest expe... Read more

Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum Ghana

When I visited Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park. Both the Mausoleum and the statue of this legend combine to make a statement about his achievement.

As I stood with my back against the old Parliament House (now known as the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice) which is directly opposite the Park, nothi... Read more

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