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Belgium National Day

I am not a history enthusiast but I chanced on some facts about Belgium. As I watched Belgians celebrate their National Day, It was interesting to learn that Belgium has two contrasting faces – as it is both an ancient yet a young nation. It is true that the Belgians were first mentioned in a book by Julius Caesar abo... Read more

Calabar Carnival

This is said to be one of the biggest Carnival in the whole of black Africa. Calabar Carnival which has become a yearly event and attracts tourist from within and outside Nigeria holds last month (December) of every year.

Activities lined up in December of every year are as follows:

1. Beauty competition (Mi... Read more

Notting Hill Carnival, London

What on earth could make millions of beautifully dressed people from all over the world take to the street of West London at the same time in August of every year? What could make hundreds of Caribbean food stalls, scores of sound systems and many traditional steel drum bands line the street of Notting Hill at this same tim... Read more

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